Why we make windows so clean you'll think they're open

Windows So clean... You'll Think They're Open

When first entering this business, we had some decisions to make.  We spent the most time on one question.  Do we offer an economic, quick, in-n-out window washing job, or do we offer a thorough, top quality job?  We made the right decision by deciding to offer a top notch job to our customers.

Our pricing may be a little higher than the average window washer with a bucket and a squeegee, but how may referrals would you send to our company if there were streaks and smears on your windows after we left?  Not many, and referrals are the life-blood of our company.

Since our beginning in 2004, we have grown to offer many other services.  This has been a gradual process based on our customers needs.  As you can see we truly do more than windows.

Another thing that surprises our customers is when they learn that some of our staff are deaf!  We know sign language (ASL) and some of our best people come from the deaf community.  They really have an eye for detail.