Window Washing - Residential / Commercial

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We clean windows inside and out and we even remove the screens and clean them with water in our special screen cleaning machine as well! When we clean your windows outside we use a water fed pole(usually 12 windows or greater) that uses deionized purified water. The brush on the end of the pole agitates the dirt off the glass and then the water coming out of the brush rinses the dirt away. Then the glass air dries and the result is clean windows. When using to water fed pole this reduces the amount of ladder work (which is safer), keeps us off of your roof more and out of your planters. The inside is cleaned with squeegees and strip washers. Depending on the cleaning package you choose we also pressure wash the outside and clean the tracks, sills and frames. Don't forget to fill out the instant bid to see the different options or if you would like, email or call us and we can give you the bid.

Diamon-Fusion Glass Nano Coating

We are Authorized user of Diamon-Fusion which is a system that renders glass so smooth that water just rolls right off. Applying it on a shower door will keep it looking new for years. Applying Diamon-Fusion on a windshield makes it so smooth that there is no need for windshield wipers on the freeway since the water just flows right off even in heavy rain!  Click here for more information.

Diamon-Fusion Granite, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, and Quartz

Diamon Fusion bonds to the silica found in granite, tile, porcelain and quartz as well as glass. What does that mean? It is easier to clean and can usually be cleaned with plain water. After treating, water and other liquids bead up and don't soak in and it is more scratch resistant with at least 20% more brilliance (shine in glossy surfaces).

Gutter Cleaning

Clearview Window Washing also cleans gutters, downspouts and even leak repair!Why mess with the annual chore when you can take the difficulty out by calling us.Instead of risking your health, avoid the possible accidents and have us clean your gutters instead of trying to do it yourself.You will save time, possible pain and a possible visit to the emergency room.Which will save you money.

Call (209) 334-1000 for quotes from Clearview Window Washing

Pressure Washing

Driveways / Walkways / Houses and Buildings...we can do it all!  Make what ever you want us to clean look new with a pressure wash treatment.

Christmas Lights

Call (209) 334-1000 for quotes from Clearview Window WashingWe custom hang the lights and design the look so you don't have to. Request an estimate on line or give us a call. Let us know what you like on your home or let us give you some ideas. We use our own lights so you don't have to worry if you lights are working in the storage box in the garage. We come out and decorate your home and if any lights stop working we come out promptly and repair or replace. Then in the month of January we come back and take them down. All this is included in our total service.